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Most Asked Questions

What happens if my product is damaged?

Reach out to our customer service at support@prophetapparel.co: We’re sorry to hear that your product arrived [damaged/mislabeled]. Our team will look into the order, so please share a detailed description of the problem and add quality photos where we can see the issue. We’ll be happy to assist and reship the product for you. The deadline to report damaged products is up to  4 after the product has been received. 

What happens when is an incorrect size?

Each product has a detailed description of fit and size on the product description page. If you received an order and the fits are not what you expect please get in touch with us and let us make it right. We treat every order and customer as unique, with this in mind we will try to create a solution that accommodates to you personally.

What to do if your order is lost in transit?

Step 1: Make sure that the order is actually lost in transit

Find the tracking link in one of our order notification emails and look at the tracking.

Step 2: Confirm the shipping address if it’s past the estimated delivery time

check that you entered the correct shipping address:May we please ask you to double-check the shipping address you used for this order? Let us know if it was correct or send us the updated address at support@prophetapparel.co

If theaddress was correct, then We’re glad that the address was correct. If your package still hasn’t arrived, then we recommend getting in touch with your local post office to see if your order is there. You can also check in with your neighbors to ask if they might have seen your package. our send us an email at support@prophetapparel.co

If theaddress was incorrect, then the package will be sent back to the return address and we’ll contact you for an updated address when we receive the returned package. If we don’t receive the package, then you’ll have to submit a new order to replace the original. Let your customer know:We’re sorry to hear that the address was incorrect. The package should be sent back to us and we’ll update the shipping address and reship it for you. Please note that you’d be responsible for the shipping costs, so let us know how you’d like to proceed.


Depending on where your order is placed we can offer a variety of shipping options at different prices. Estimated shipping times and costs are displayed before you purchase.

After your order is placed you will receive a tracking number from the carrier assigned to deliver your product. You can use this tracking number to track your order on our site.

If your product has not arrived after the estimated shipping please contact us so we can lend a hand in solving this 


If you are placing an order outside of the US there are a few things you need to be aware of

1.- We work with an international supply chain but not all products are available outside of the US.

2.- Depending on where your order is placed your order may carry additional duty tax once it enters your country 

3.- The customer assumes all costs associated with importing our products if orders are placed outside the US.

To simplify, if your order is placed outside of the US our supply partner will fill that order from its closest manufacturing facility that has that product available. This is what will determine if there is another import tax applied to your products. 

We know this is not ideal for any customer, however, we also don’t want to restrict access to our products in other places of the world. As we continue to grow, we are looking to add more options and simplified shipping to all international orders, until then you can always reach out for us before you place your order will try to get you as much information as possible for your order.