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About us

We are a Fashion and Lifestyle Start up. We are a US based company but we are an international brand. Our work and inspirations comes from every corner of the world. We  feel honored to have the opportunity  to be working with manufacturers, designers, artits, and entrepreneurs all around the world.


At the heart of who we are, is people. People that inspire us, that collaborate and work with us to make products that we feel proud of, Products that we like wear, Products that we are willing to buy.


We believe fashion, arts, music, technology are not just words, but something essential in our lives. We seek to use these to unite and to make our lives more meaningful.


We believe everyone involved in our story and our progress should be rewarded, from the artists that makes our designs, to the manufacturers that create our products, to the person that puts their trust in what we do and purchases one these products.


 These are the principles that  guide us:


  • Honesty 
  • Integrity
  • Sacrifice
  • Balance
  • Sustainabilty